I am an Herbalist, Certified Traumatologist and Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in working with people to relieve their stress and bring them back to wellness. I also have an ongoing clientele interested in maintaining health as well as striving for peak wellness. I love helping people to reach their wellness goals.

My approach is client centered and unique to each individual. The client directs the areas that he or she wants to work on, at a speed that is comfortable and safe. Treatments combine health benefits of several therapies that can include organic herbs, healing touch and your own conscious breath. The purpose of my practice is to give the individual the ability to bring the life they imagine into reality.

All sustainable change begins from within

The services that I offer, massage and bodywork, wellness and herbalism and holistic trauma care have all been gathered over decades of experience and training.

I have studied and used herbal wisdom throughout my entire adult life, using whole foods and medicinal plants as my family’s wellness care.

I became interested in the healing of trauma as I worked through some of my own issues. My interest and focus became how to heal from trauma through the body as opposed to talk therapy. I was fortunate to be lead to a variety of healers and healing modalities that helped to free me from the bonds of earlier traumatic experiences.

This passion lead me to work at a Trauma Resolution Center in Miami, FL.  where I received additional trainings to help others untangle the hold that these experiences can have. My massage and energy training span over 25 years and widen my perspective to include a very holistic view from which to support you in your healing.

So whether you wish to come and enjoy a relaxing massage or you’re interested in creating a wellness program so that you can enjoy greater physical health or you have some behavioral patterns that no longer serve you in the way that you want, I welcome you into greater connection with your deeper self, that place that knows without a doubt how amazing you are!

Education, Certifications and Licensure

  • BS (Pre-Med), University of New England 2005
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Usui method 1991
  • Polarity Practitioner, Polarity Realization Institute 1991
  • Herbal Certification, Rosemary Gladstar 1993
  • Advanced Clinical Herbal Training, David Winston 2008-2010
  • SRI advanced training, Wise World 2006
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Educating Hands 2007
  • Unified Healing Training, Evolutionary Healing 2008
  • Trauma Incident Reduction Training, Trauma Resolution Center 2008

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