Beth’s Dream ~ Soul Supported Bike Tour

beth-bike-soul-bike-tourBeginning in early September I will be closing my office for 3 months to take a long dreamed about bike tour. Will be going from Dover, NH to Key West covering approximately 2700-2900 miles carrying all of my needs/belongings on my bike. I will be tenting, staying with friends and family as well the occasional motel and B&B.

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I ride because I CAN…because I live in a country where I CAN wander from state to state with little worry. In many countries and even in some families, it is not safe or allowed to do such things.

I ride because I HAVE to. My soul has pushed this to the forefront of my to do list and I’ve learned its best to LISTEN.

I ride because I’m still CAPABLE. It’s NEVER too late to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

I ride because I MUST face my fears within my dream. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do that which you think you cannot do.”

I ride because it’s still an UNFULFILLED dream of mine and I wonder if I CAN do it.

And mostly, I ride for EVERYONE who has a DREAM; those that are held captive, those that are beaten because of their courage, those that are oppressed and those that are yet to step into THEIR “Soul Journey”…I ride for them.

My DREAM journey is to ride “solo” and “soul supported” on my bike carrying all of my belongings in my saddlebags attached to my front and back wheels. I will leave Dover, NH in early September 2014 riding approximately 300 miles/week for a total of 2900 miles, taking about 3 months to reach my southern destination of Key West, FL.

Along the way, I hope to stay with family, friends and host families, camp as well as the occasional motel and B&B. The motels, B&B’s and host families are important for many reasons, such as severe weather conditions, possible bike repairs which cause unplanned layovers or a safe place to stay if I find myself enroute with night time coming on. Safety is important to me.

I need YOU!

COMMUNITY and CONNECTION are the new game. I need your energy, your encouragement and well wishes, your financial support, moral support and wisdom. The way I was brought up was to dig your heels in and do it yourself. You were to work hard, be independent and then work harder.

I believe that we are stronger TOGETHER. Although this is my dream and I feel like I am breaking the yankee code of fierce independence by asking for help, I do so with the hope that it has wide spread benefits beyond what I can imagine.

I THANK YOU for being part of my DREAM. I THANK YOU for sharing my DREAM with your community. I THANK YOU for however you choose to participate.

“The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their DREAMS.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

In Gratitude,
Beth Power

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