Massage & Bodywork

I have a strong commitment to the Earth and to your health so all of my products are organic and of the best quality available oils, creams, cleaning products, essential oils and even the candles. I often make my own massage oils for seasonal support.

Clinical Herbalism

Befriending one’s body is at the crux of an awakened life. Wellness Consultation Within a wellness consultation session we will spend some time discovering what your wellness goals are and then create a plan for you to reach those goals. Within this session we will explore possible limiting ideas that may be holding you back […]

Holistic Trauma Care

At Awakening Touch I offer a variety of services designed to gently help you heal from traumatic, or overwhelming experiences. Although many people don’t want to admit it, this can apply to most of us. I know that emotionally traumatic experiences can impact your life in a variety of disturbing ways such as increased anxiety, […]