Here at Awakening Touch I hope to provide a place, and services, that offer you a way to connect more deeply into your own wisdom. I believe that when we live from that place of connection we are better able to live our lives more mindfully, more compassionately and with greater joy.

In those states of joy and compassion, greater health naturally unfolds which then flows into our relationships, families, communities and the world.

I invite you to browse this site and/or contact me if you have additional thoughts, questions or just want to drop me a note.

In Gratitude,


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Wellness Consultation
Within a wellness consultation session we will spend some time discovering what your wellness goals are and then create a plan for you to reach those goals. Within this session we will explore possible limiting ideas that may be holding you back from realizing your ideal wellness potential. This process can be used by people that have health concerns or by those that wish to make some changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Awakening Touch Offers

  • Individualized wellness plans
  • Ongoing support
  • Classes on

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