Massage & Bodywork

Beth has a way of making one feel rejuvenated after spending time with her. When you come away from a session with Beth, you are filled with emotions, thoughts and ready for changes…………. Beth listens! How often are we not heard when speaking with health professionals?

Awakening Touch client

Thai Yoga Massage is effortless yoga, all the movement is done for you. You have to learn to receive, not always wanting to help. After a session you feel energized and want to go home and mow the lawn, not like a standard massage when you want to go home and take a nap.

Bob B.

When someone works with Beth – as a practitioner, practice member, or patient – there is one thing that consistently happens: they know they are safe, at home, cared for, and in really good hands. I have had the blessing to watch her serve people… to see and feel what she brings through her connection and depth. She is present, raw, and real. It is a beauty to watch, and truly unique in how she can be with someone… no matter what else might be going on. She is gifted at healing, helping, serving, motivating. This has helped me to learn, grow, and share. Thank you.


My experience with Beth bars second to none. She has a way of making you realize the obvious. Sometimes we go through life ‘knowing the facts’; however, she can interpret what you’ve said back to you making you ‘hear’ what you have been saying all along………but, never really heard. Absolutely a quality many in the healing profession do not have. Her touch is non invasive and comforting. Another quality left behind in the health profession at times. During a session you will not ever feel startled or tense.

L. Bruno

…I’ve been a NSA doctor since 1997, and was first introduced to SRI over 10 years ago. I am in awe of the depth that it holds, and have enjoyed watching it develop as a technique. During the years many of us learning the work have needed to juggle its evolving technical changes with the large vision of transformation it holds.
It takes a very special individual to take that on, and a very loving person of service to skillfully help someone into, and then through their blockages, and connections.
Beth facilitating is very “Power-full”. She does the work justice, and in such a graceful way. Her insights, willingness, and skill helped me many times while receiving the work, and some of those moments were when I was ready to give up!…

Dr. S. F. Dove

Wellness & Herbal

A wonderful afternoon, it was. Your planning, organization, and presentation were outstanding – and absolutely characteristic of the way you do things! All that and excellent handouts and refreshments!

Christine R. – Facial Care Class

I just told a friend (who was saying he was sick) “I received tips from Beth @ Awakening Touch and healed a sinus infection with completely all natural foods/steams and NO prescription!” Thank you!

Paula R.

I can count the times I’ve had to see a doctor in my whole life on 2 hands. I am lucky enough to call Beth Power my mother! I owe my healthy body and joyous spirit to her knowledge and commitment to healing the whole being.

Jenna R.

Holistic Trauma Care

My life changed the day I was introduced to Beth Power. For years I’d been abused and I didn’t think it could get any worse until it did.  I couldn’t understand why or how I had allowed it to go on for so long.  I was ashamed, unhappy, depressed, lonely, and had no passion for life. I cried constantly, rarely slept and suffered from unexplained pains and frequent panic attacks.  Beth not only taught me how to recognize imminent attacks and how stop them before they occurred, but she also helped me regain my confidence to begin living again. She never gave up, even when I did…
I thought this would be the easiest testimonial to write, but how do you describe someone who has done so many things for you. Through divine intervention Beth Power walked in my life when I’d just about given up; she not only helped me overcome some of my most difficult and troubled times but because of her patience, compassion and teachings I’m on the road to recovery. I’ve regained my confidence and look forward to each day. She’s the best thing that could have happened to me after being a victim of domestic violence.
The Therapist who referred me to Beth Power did so because she knew only Beth had the skills and training to help pull me from the abyss I’d fallen due to years of domestic abuse. After what I’d been through, the only thing that kept me were my kids; nothing else held meaning. I had tried counseling before and it hadn’t helped so I didn’t think she would make any difference either. I didn’t want to talk with anybody, it was the hardest thing to do; but after our first session I felt comfortable enough that I was looking forward to my next appointment.  Beth was so patient and compassionate that after a few weeks with her, I regained some of my confidence and released some of the pain. The knowledge she imparts on her patients accelerates the healing process. I still have the memories of what happened, but I’m no longer a prisoner to them or live in fear all the time. Now I look forward to each day with renewed hope… The best Therapist ever

Awakening Touch Client